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Aug 2023 - present



Progress tracking tool for builders that want to stay consistent with their projects and ship more.


Buildstreak preview

The idea for Buildstreak came from my own struggles with staying consistent with my side projects. While working on a project, I would often get distracted by other ideas (also known as "shiny object syndrome"). I wanted to build a tool that would help me stay focused and track my progress, in a fun and rewarding way. After doing some research, I found out that there are many other people that struggle with the same problem.


Before getting started, I planned out the features I wanted to include in the MVP:

On the tehnical side, the app had to include authentication, payment processing, and a database to store user data. Alongside the app, I also needed to build a landing page for showcasing the product and collecting payments.

After getting a clear picture of what I wanted to build, I started building the MVP. After ~2 weeks of work, Buildstreak was ready to be launched. I started the first users from a pre-sale I ran earlier and got some great feedback.

Next steps

I began iterating on the product based on the feedback I got from users. This included adding some essential features, fixing bugs, and improving the UI/flow of the app.

I also started marketing the product by posting on Twitter, Reddit, product directories and publishing blog posts for SEO.

Current status

Since launching the MVP, I've been working on improving Buildstreak and growing the user base. Five notable updates have been released since then:

Buildstreak has been tried by over 350 users and has 60 paying customers. It gets around 2500 visitors/month, through SEO, product directories, and Twitter.

Project future

I'm currently working on a Chrome extension for Buildstreak, which will allow users to track their progress in a easier way and reaching a wider audience.

I also keep track of upcoming features in the public roadmap.

As for marketing, I plan to continue posting on social media and writing 1 blog post/week for SEO.