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Sep 2023 - Oct 2023

Buy a Pixel


A 20x20 grid of pixels for people to promote their products, social media profiles or anything else.


Buy a Pixel preview

If you've been on the internet for a while, you've probably heard of the Million Dollar Homepage. The idea for this project is similar, but with some modern twists.

It was born out of a Discord group I'm in. Initially, I brushed it off as a joke, but I couldn't stop thinking about it for days.


I decided to go with a familiar tech stack and mapped out the features for the MVP:

The MVP was ready in ~8 hours. As it was a novel idea and less of a serious project, it started to get traction on Twitter. Sales started to come in and I was surprised by the amount of interest it got.


I was responsbile for building the product, while other members helped with marketing, design, assets and copywriting.

Together with the Discord group, we launched on Product Hunt and reached #4 product of the day.

The 20x20 board of pixels was quickly sold out. After the launch, I sold the boilerplate code to an individual on Twitter, which ended up paying my rent for that month.

Project future

We were discussing the next steps with the project, like a marketplace for pixels or expanding the board. However, we decided that Buy a Pixel will stay on the internet forever in its current form while we move on to other projects.